Loaded Burritos

Loaded Burritos £16.95 Folded plain flour tortilla filled with a choice of the following fillings: Chicken Homemade Fiery 5 Bean Chilli with Beef or (Vegetables)(V)(no cheese) Pulled pork Pulled Beef Also filled with cheese, mexican Rice, jalapenos and fresh salsa. Served with a seasonal salad, mexican rice or homemade fries. Accompanied with sides of sour…


Hotpot £15.95 Chicken and chorizo or quorn chicken in a spicy tomato and chipotle sauce. Served with a choice of mexican rice, homemade fries or garlic bread.


Empanadas £14.95 Choice of either Chicken and Chorizo, Quorn Chicken or Vegetables cooked in a creamy cheese sauce combined with onions and peppers inside wheat or corn tortilla. Served with a seasonal side salad or homemade fries.


Chimichangas £15.95 Deep fried tomato, wholemeal or plain flour tortilla filled with peppers, cheese, spring onions and mexican rice with a choice of: Vegetable Tinga Chicken Spicy Prawns Chipotle Pulled Pork or Beef Served with hot salsa, sour cream and a seasonal salad with dressing.